Old Style Country Folk Music.

 Xander Hitzig.

Almost solely self taught,  play's fiddle, guitar, and tenor banjo; using the music of his inspirations as his guide. And it is apparent to anyone who hears his songs today, the influence of John Hartford, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, and John Prine all resound in a foot-tapping, heart awakening sound that draws crowds all over the United States. Whether he is playing in sold out venues, or simply for heart on side streets, Xander Hitzig has a life and a charisma that is hard to find today in modern music. Xander has been touring across the U.S. for the past ten years with multiple bands, most notably the BrownChicken BrownCow Stringband and the Hitzig Brothers, and has recently been producing music from his own solo endeavors. 

Having played alongside like artists such as Hutch Hutchinson, David Nelson, The Shook Twins, Vince Herman, Charles Neville, John Craigie, and Eric McFadden, Hitzig’s musical circle grows incessantly. 
He’ll make you move and sing along to words you don’t know yet, and perhaps even inspire you to give it all up and move to the mountains of West Virginia, in search of the life that Xander Hitzig’s music can’t help but emanate.